English for Sociocultural Animation

16. NGO’s: Stakeistan

In the last project of the term we shall discuss successful initiatives of intervention in the community. Let’s set off with Stakistan

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Surf the site and find out what Skateistan is all about. YOu’ll need to answer the following questions:

Does Skateistan break the stereotypes we have about certain communities? countries? Intervention programs?


  • How long has it been working?
  • Where?
  • Who is behind? Whose idea was it?
  •  Is there a section in Spain?
  • Where does the funding come from?
  • How can people take part?
  • Has Skateistan ‘s initiative expanded to other countries?


  • What do you think about the project?
  • What is your opinion of the site?
  • Could a similar initiative be successful in Spain?
  • Do you think it could be a motivating  for Spanish teenagers to get involved?
  • Is Skateistan an opportunity to develop youth leadership and ethical values? Why? Why not?
  • Can you see any drawbacks in this project?



15 Intercultural competence

Are you ready to test your intercultural competence? Take this quiz and get a personalised answer.Captura de pantalla 2015-11-26 a la(s) 2.22.52 PM

14. Human rights

This short video will help you revise basic vocabulary dealing with Human Rights.

These two other videos will give you a quick outline of the history of Human Rights

13. Tag questions

Tag questions make your interaction sound much more natural. They also come in handy when you an oral presentation and try to connect with the audience. Today Teresa used tag questions  to get some feedback from you.

Most of you have played hide and seek, haven’t you?

Here you can find some useful exercises.

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12. Talking about habits in the past: used to/would

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11. What is the life of a hotel animator like?

What is leisure time animation?


10. Listenings on free time

Here follow a number of links to listening exercises connected with leisure: All of them are from elllo, a page you must be familiar with by now. Take the on line quiz and do the vocabulary exercises.

9. New sports popping up: active life & passive sentences

From chessboxing to paintball it seems there’s no shortage of ideas within the leisure industry.Extreme sports open up new horizons and challenges to young people who take up dangerous activities such as  parkour , parkour ride or   deep-water soloing .  Have you ever practiced any? Have you ever heard of them? The list can be surprisingly long. Can you suggest any  other unusual, extreme, crazy activity?  Are those activities meant to stay or are they just a fad? The Internet and you tube have contributed to spread the popularity of many of those relatively new sports.

Here follows a reading on Zorbing. Have you ever heard of it?


8 Leisure questionnaire

descarga (1)Download the questionnaire below from slide share. Take your time to reflect on the questions. Write down your answers and  bring it to your next lesson. You’ll be asked to  share  your notes with your classmates. In groups you will have to discuss answers and  draw conclusions. (more…)

7.Do leisure activities require lots of planning? What about investment in special gear?

In the last session you had to reflect on the concept of leisure and whether it  had something to do with being idle. If we consider the amount of preparation and planning as well as  the investment in special gear some free time activities require, we would have to admit that leisure activities require  a lot of effort indeed.Captura de pantalla 2014-11-22 a la(s) 8.01.27 PM

Get into groups and discuss the following questions. Report your findings to the class.

  • Do certain hobbies require expensive gear? Which ones would you mention among the most expensive and the cheapest ones?
  • Do you have to plan ahead your leisure activities? Provide examples
  • Has the lack of  special equipment or its cost stopped you from taking up a new  hobby? Explain
  • Do certain leisure activities require lots of preparation? Which ones ?
  • Have you ever used the Internet to buy leisure gear? When? Why?
  • Has the Internet helped you in your hobbies? How?